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Thread: Sharing a sitter

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    Default Sharing a sitter

    I'm quitting work to stay at home with Olivia again but will be needing a sitter about 15 hours a week.
    I currently pay ours $13.50 an hour - it was a raise from the $12 we'd previously been giving her. And the other family she works for gives her $15 an hour for two kids - which is the going rate around here.

    I had an idea, b/c I don't have the budget to pay more than $500 a month for a sitter, I can share her with my neighbor so that we can split the cost.

    But is this fair to the sitter? Does it matter who is paying what?

    My neighbor has a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old and Liv is 3.5 - so I was thinking $16 an hour? And each of us pay like 8? I don't care if I pay the same as my neighbor with two kids. But I'm just trying to think it through.

    If it works out, her kids would come here some days and Liv can go there. It might be a nice arrangement.

    Anything else I should consider? thanks!

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    On days when one family or the other does not need a sitter (sick, day off from work) would both families agree to pay her the full $16 an hour? If not I'd disclose that to her ahead of time. Also are both families on the same page with driving responsibility? For example would you ask the sitter to drive your child to the park/library whatever and the other family is not comfortable with the sitter driving their children? Just some things off the top of my head.

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    This is what we do Monday through Friday with our nany share. but there are set hours and she does get paid even if one or both of the families opts out of the set times. We did do what you're suggesting - a boost up in the hourly that we had been paying her when she worked for us solo - which gave her a raise for handling two kids, but also at half of the total, still saved us a bundle. you might consider whether a double stroller or other shared toys or supplies are needed. You might also work out an arrangement with the other family to switch houses every other week or something that is amenable to everyone.

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    Thanks, I doubt they'd be driving anywhere with three kids.
    We live a minute walk away from the library (it's at the end of our street)

    And the park is a walk so the stroller sitch is a good idea.

    Other than that, there is the pool but it doesn't open til noon and her hours would only be afternoon one day a week (and I wouldn't expect her to take three kids to the pool nor do I know if the other family has a membership)

    Makes sense about the sick policy - I think she should still get paid the same-

    What would be more annoying is if their kids are sick a lot making my kid sick! But I dont' think so - she nurses the baby and the boy is rarely sick and not in preschool.

    I just wondered if the babysitter would mind that I'm now paying her, essentially, $8 an hour.

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    She's getting more overall so there's no reason that she would objet to that on the basis of who's paying what. Whether she wants to take care of two kids or two kids that age, whether she wants to swap houses, whether she wants to deal w/another family... those are issues to discuss with her.

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