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Thread: Toys for 10 month old?

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    Default Toys for 10 month old?

    I'm looking into new toys for Pnina since she pulls herself up and likes to walk around holding on to things. What are some toys you ladies recommend?
    She is out growing, if not already, her ExerSaucer, which she loves.

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    My 11 month old loves having a bunch of small "toys" in a basket. I like to put a lot of objects with different textures in it, like pine cones, soft pieces of fabric, the small balls that light up when you bounce them, kitchen utensils, etc. She likes to explore everything, sort through it and dump it. She loves our toy kitchen, also, since she can pull herself up to it, hold on and play with the toys in the sink. She also likes to open the drawers and cabinets.

    As for specific toys, here are a few we have that she likes:
    This little play house has been a hit with both my girls and all their friends that come over.
    This musical table has been fun for her, especially as she learned to stand. I'm not sure how much longer she will enjoy it as she starts walking, though.
    We have a ride on toy very similar to this one. My 11 month old loves to hold on to the handles and walk behind it as it rolls. My 3 year old still loves to sit on it and roll around.
    People are often selling these toys on Craigslist for a whole lot cheaper, btw.

    If you are interested in a DIY toy, I really want to make a busy/sensory board for my LO. There are tons of ideas online, but here is one example.
    Good luck, its a really fun age!

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    Pure awesomeness! Thank you so much! These are amazing ideas! I love the basket one! Thank you so very much for the ideas!

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    My granddaughter Kayla is almost 10 months old and she got this for Christmas and loves it.
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    That looks pretty awesome too! That would keep Pnina super busy!

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    My girls love their basket full of little toys to play with and their Around We Go Walker.

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    My DD loved her piano. It was flat on the ground then had legs so she could pull herself up, and now sits with her legs under (barely). Still plays daily with it! The pushing walking toy was also very good. Oh, and the baby vacuum as she chased my sister around while she was doing the vacuuming at her house. Too cute!
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