How did you know when you no longer needed bed rails? When you did decide to take them away, what was the transition period like?

Maiya rolls a lot, so I'm thinking she's not quite ready to get rid of them yet. But, we are going to Hawaii this summer, and where we are staying doesn't have bed rails and we obviously can't bring them, since we're flying.

Normally I put her mattress on the floor, but we're renting houses, and some of the rooms it looks like she'll be in may not fit the mattress on the floor- not without removing the whole bed frame, which is not something I'm sure I want to do!

So... Is there anyway to transition her away from needing bedrails? Or is 3 just too early? I'm sure we'll make it work either way, it would just be a lot easier if she could sleep in a normal bed while there!