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    what did you find had the most impact? I'm buying a mattress cover. DS does not use a pillow so that's not an issue. His bedroom is carpeted so hardwood floors would be kind of difficult to obtain at this point. I'm thinking about a hepa vacuum? Then I guess I just need to stay on top of washing all linens every week in hot water? Anything else?

    We did skin testing for one of my guys and he was positive for trees (oak & a bunch of others), ragweed, dust, feathers & garlic. I think I have a handle on the others but dust seems like it's hard to avoid.
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    We also have carpet, unfortunately, and have found that since we paid out $$$ for our Kirby vacuum Scharae's asthma (dust is one of her big triggers) has been SO MUCH BETTER. Between that and very regular linen washing-pillow case three times a week-and a cover for the pillow and mattress, we've got things really under control outside of pollen and when she gets a cold. But the Kirby vacuum is what made the biggest difference. We had tried my mom's Dyson for a few months, and a few others. Within a week of having and using the Kirby we could tell a huge difference in her breathing.

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    Thanks for the heads up about the vacuum, I've never heard of that brand. I'll check it out.
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    You can also get a HEPA filter for his room. I have dust issues supposedly. Did your allergist give you the name of a company that sells really good stuff for dust allergies? Ours did and we encased our pillows, mattress and box spring to help. We bought the HEPA somewhere else, I think. Wood floors are great and I won't live anywhere that has carpet if I can help it.
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    They gave me a brochure from mission allergy. Where did you buy yours?
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