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Thread: SAHMs/ or if Dh is a SAHD and Money

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    see below
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    Me 38, DH 38, DS 5/28/08, DS 7/6/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by MashedUp View Post
    DH is now a SAHD but it hasn't really changed much. For big purchases (1 item greater than $100), we check with each other, but if I'm at target and I pick up a few clothing items for the kids and myself and storage bins for the house and a dvd or something for the kids and it adds up to more than $100, I don't call and ask him. I rarely buy anything for myself, it's almost all kid/house stuff anyway. He does the same. For bigger purchases, we discuss it and I usually do a ton of research to find the best deal.
    This is my family. I work, hubby is a SAHD. I buy what I want, but it's usually something educational for the kids anyway.

    I spend way too much $ on organic groceries, but we never go out to eat. Grocery shopping gives me my shopping fix.
    Me 38, DH 38, DS 5/28/08, DS 7/6/10

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