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    Anyone have (or had) a toddler, roughly 15 to 18 months old, cry CONSTANTLY? Some days, it seems like that's all Nathan does. He'll go after things that he knows he's not allowed to have or touch, and then cry when we tell him no for the millionth time. Or he'll want whatever Katie is playing with and cries because she won't give it to him (not that we blame her; he has to learn to share, too). It's like all day, one thing after another, he cries about. And then other days, when Katie's at school, he'll play with toys (and with us) and be completely happy and not cry at all.
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    My 15 month old is sort of like that. He is sick right now so I just chalked it up to him not feeling well, but he cries at everything! He could be walking around the room, trip over nothing and catch himself with his hands and he'll still stand up and start crying, even though he isnt hurt at all. He and his brother get along pretty well, but there are still times where big brother may do things that provoke him, or knock him over by accident and the crying begins. He just seems super sensitive right now. I'm hoping that will end when his cold is gone.

    Is Nathan sick at all? Maybe it's just a faze. They are getting older and trying out more independence, so that may be it. Leo won't let us feed him anymore, he has to do it himself and will cry if we try to do it. If we leave him alone he will pleasantly feed himself.
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    Nathan has a little bit of a runny nose right now. He seems to be perpetually sick in the winter. Yes, we had to quit trying to feed Nathan a long time ago. He wants to do it himself. Now that he's learning to use a fork and spoon, though, every now and then he'll want me to feed him, but I think it's more of a game as he'll get one of their little play spoons and bowls from their kitchen and have me "feed" him with that, too. Katie and Nathan get along pretty well a lot of the time, but other times, he pitches a fit because he wants what she has. Sometimes it's a toy that he's just not allowed to play with, like her Innotab, and other times it's a little Matchbox car, never mind that we have a ton of them and he can play with a different one, he's got to have the ONE that Katie is playing with.

    If it's a phase, I hope he outgrows it soon!
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