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    I downloaded the sample book yesterday, and found myself nodding a lot. Pretty sure I have a spirited child on my hands. One thing that concerned me is that several of the reviewers state that the book helps you understand your child better (YAY!), but does not give you information on how to deal with their various quirks. For those that have read it, did you feel that the book gave you enough information that you could now deal with your child(ren) better?

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    I have read portions of the book but not the entire thing cover to cover. I think understanding your child often actually helps you solve different behavior. The portions I read did not give you a trouble shooting list, so to speak, but I did get some strategies out of it. I read it some time ago so I can't pinpoint and quote but I suppose you get the picture. For example, if you understand that such and such behavior is due to your child's desire to have control over every situation, you would provide more choices and more limited control and that would result in better behavior.
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    If I remember correctly there is a work book or something that goes with it that has some practical application. I could be wrong though, it has been probably 14yrs since I read it.

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    I am reading it right now. I'm pretty sure I have a spirited introvert and spirited extrovert. I have found it extremely helpful and agree that understanding the behavior makes it so much easier to help your child be productive and channel that energy for good.

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