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Thread: Um... Lactation? (warning: possible TMI)

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    Default Um... Lactation? (warning: possible TMI)

    Hi ladies,

    Okay, I'm hoping for a little insight here. Apologies if this is TMI...

    Last night while DH and I were DTD, I had some milky looking discharge from both nipples. He had sucked on them pretty hard and was squeezing my breasts pretty significantly when it happened, but it has never happened before, so it caught me off guard. (Thankfully, it didn't disrupt things -- he actually thought it was awesome!)

    Today, my nipples are sore and tender - possibly just from all the stimulation, but I'm not sure. What I'm reading basically says that while it can be a sign of really bad stuff, the fact that it happened once and in both breasts shouldn't immediately cause concern, and that I should see whether it happens more and whether it happens after my next period. If it does, then I should see my doc. It can be a sign of hormone imbalance, etc., which would suck for TTC, but may just be a "this month" thing.

    Anyone have experience with this or insight/suggestions?

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    I wouldn't wait...I'd go asap and have the situation evaluated

    GL! Kup!!

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    This happened to my sis a yr o two ago and she freaked. I don't think she went to a doctor, but it turned out to be nothing.
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    I think it can just happen from stimulation, especially if there is nipple stimulation on a regular basis, but I agree that it would be safest to talk to your dr bc if could be an endocrine problem or something else like that too.

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    My right boob tends to hav a little milky white discharge every once and a while i told my dr and she said i shouldnt worry unless i was leaking but your right it is a sign of hormone imbalance and should b checkd out jus to b on the safe side. And high 5 to u sounds like u and dh had sum fun thats what bding is all about ;)

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    This happened to me a couple of months ago on O day. I randomly started leaking twice (once during sex, once right after waking up) and it hasn't happened again. It was my first O after coming off the Nuva Ring. I hadn't nursed DD in a year.
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