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Thread: trying, and confused. need help!

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    Default trying, and confused. need help!

    I am very confused what's going on. My cycles have been about 28 days the last six months. I have been trying to conceive with my husband for about three months. My regular period came dec 5th. Then my next one didn't come until January 13, and was brown discharge for a few days with heavy cramping and back pain. Then I bled fairly heavily. I feel like I may have miscarried. I tested a week later and was negative. We have been trying since then and I am suddenly having very very strong food aversions to beefand eggs. I also have been nauseated for 4 days around the clock and only hungry for popsicles. I think it would be too early for symptoms, but I can't explain what's happening. I also have a lot of low back pain. Ideas please????***

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    Default sure can be frustrating not knowing what's going on with our bodies!!

    I would think you'd be too early for symptoms but it wouldn't hurt to test again. If you get a negative (which I would expect) and your period doesn't come by the 10th (28 days after the bleeding you had on the 13th) I'd recommend testing again .

    Keep us posted!
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    I can echo that, it's so frustrating not knowing what is going on! I hope you get real answers too to ease your mind if nothing else.
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