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Thread: Bleeding gums while cutting molars

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    Default Bleeding gums while cutting molars

    DD is cutting her molars. Twice have I noticed considerable amount of blood from the gum where the tooth has cut through (one of the teeth has 2 corners out, 1 only 1 corner). I have never seen DS's gums bleed when he was teething. This time DD had a piece of ice in her mouth so I assume she bit down on it on the tooth that's cutting through. The way I noticed the blood was that it was smeared on her face and then there was blood covering several teeth. Once she rinsed her mouth, it was clearly coming from the gum over the molar in progress. Should I be concerned?

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    I have not noticed that before at all. I would double check with a dentist just to be sure.

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    i've had 3 kids get their molars now and only 1 of mine ever had bloody gums from it. it was awful and I felt so bad...but she seems completely un-bothered by it...

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    my ds had a lil bit of blood on his gums right where a tooth broke thru... it happened when i was brushing his teeth but there was only a tiny bit of blood, and only on the spot where there was a new tooth.

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