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Thread: Some good news (finally)!

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    Default Some good news (finally)!

    Usually searching the internet comes back to bite me in the a$$. However, for those of you with unexplained infertility, especially those of us who are undergoing IUI and/or letrozole, I found a great article! I put the link below. Hopefully the weight that the letrozole is putting on me (grrrrr) will pay off in the end!
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    Hmm... Maybe I don't undersand this well, but these results are a bit... Not exciting to me.

    Yes, it said the pregnancy rates were higher, but the mature follies are lower, and the abortion rate is higher. I guess I'm just worried because "pregnancy rate" doesn't mean that much to me, unless it applies to my EXACT situation, and since I don't know the situation of these ladies, maybe it just isn't reassuring to me? I guess my big fear is that I can't get pregnant with FIVE mature follies, having less scares me. And yeah, the lining is better, but for me, on Clomid, I just took some estrogen and mine was fine...

    But, even with my... lousy attitude, it is a very interesting article! I guess I can only focus on the positive, and hope that the higher pregnancy rate will, against all odds, apply to me, too!

    Thanks for sharing.

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