I would have just posted this in another thread instead of blowing up the forum with so many threads but it's hard to update so anyone sees it so I figured I'd go ahead and make a new thread.

We finally had court yesterday and I think it went pretty well but it was rough. We had to wait a little while and there were people there for mom who we didn't know anything about so there was a little awkwardness. Everyone was nice and polite though. We found out there were actually two petitions filed but were told that neither one of them had a favorable home study and that everyone, CASA, GAL, and SW are against baby girl going anywhere else right now. They did grant visitation to the two people petitioning but they said that's standard practice and if/when they get their petitions turned down they won't get visitation anymore. One of them is the lady mom lives with (never going to happen) and the other one is her oldest son's grandmother from his dad's side. I think age and health is a factor there but she seems like a very sweet lady so we'll see how it goes at visitation next week.

There was also a man there that they ordered to take a DNA test so I have to take baby girl next Tuesday to get her cheek swabbed. If this isn't the dad poor mom has to testify to who else it might be. We're supposed to go back to court to get the ruling on the petitions and DNA test Feb 25th. They did say though to expect her to be here until July at least which is when the next foster care review is.

One thing that we don't know how to take at all is that mom has discussed a few times signing away her rights. Apparently she told the home mom that if she couldn't have baby girl I was the only person she'd want to raise her. I don't know how serious she is about this, or if they'd allow her to do it even if she did make the decision. She brought it up to the CASA worker at court yesterday so I guess we'll see what comes of it. It was a very hard day for her though so I just hope she gets a little emotional break if that's even possible in this situation.

Overall, right now it seems to be in our favor and the chances for adoption in the future seem to be pretty good but things can change at any time so we'll just have to wait and see.