So, I'm 34 and have allot of migraines. I try to only take excedrine migraine. Not sure if im pregnant but the period tracker on my phone said that my ovluation day was 1/ hubby and i had unprotected sex and had an oops on monday 1/21. I have never been pregnant before but its been 9 days and i got a dizzy spell on Saturday and have felt light headed of and on. Last night i started feeling nauseated off and on and my best feel sore like they do once in a while when i start..i never have pains before my period come s i just cramp really bad during my 1/30 i have had cramping like my period but no period yet. Its too soon to test but I'm afraid that i shouldn't take any medicine..oh and i always start my period a few days before the period tracker says I'm supposed says my start date is 2/5.any advice or thoughts