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Thread: Am I pregnant?

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    Hello, I'm a 34 year old mom of 5. I had the IUD in for 6 years and due to complications I took it out on jan 14, 2013.. Without pertection my husband and I have been having sex and my period is now 2 days late ?? I took a pregnancy test today feb 2,2013 and it was negative. I feel tired, more hungry and I often feel nausea? Did I test to early? Also can a women get pregnant that quick after the IUD comes out?

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    Was the IUD hormonal bc? I'm not too familiar with it which is why I ask. Hormonal birth control (removing it) can mess with your cycles and make AF late. But I've also hear plenty of stories of people who've stopped using birth control and gotten pregnant right away. I'd wait until the 11th(4 weeks after you removed it) and test again if no AF. Good luck!

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    Thanks for replying, the one I had was non hormonal,

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