My mourning sickness started on Sunday and I have been drinking Ginger Ale since then. I used it during DS pregnancy and it worked well. But today I went to get some and found that it was finished, so I saw some Tonic Water and remembered that in one occasion DH gave me some with a lemon wedge and it helped ease my stomach. I have Papaya Enzymes, but didnít dare to take any because I read itís not recommended to take during pregnancy. So I drank a bit of Tonic Water with a lemon wedge. But then I started looking for other natural remedies online and I came across an article that Tonic Water contains ďQuinineĒ, its unsafe and not recommended to take during pregnancy.

I am going crazy here, I have been avoiding so many things (soda, sugars and so on). I really want to have a healthy pregnancyÖ. I only had a glass, less the 5 oz. maybe less with all the ice and while I was searching the web and when I read the articles. But still I feel so bad and worried now for drinking it.

Am I over reacting, is the amount not harmful?? Does anyone know any different?? How about Sparkling Water??