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Thread: Tonic Water and Papaya Enzymes?!?!

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    Default Tonic Water and Papaya Enzymes?!?!

    My mourning sickness started on Sunday and I have been drinking Ginger Ale since then. I used it during DS pregnancy and it worked well. But today I went to get some and found that it was finished, so I saw some Tonic Water and remembered that in one occasion DH gave me some with a lemon wedge and it helped ease my stomach. I have Papaya Enzymes, but didnít dare to take any because I read itís not recommended to take during pregnancy. So I drank a bit of Tonic Water with a lemon wedge. But then I started looking for other natural remedies online and I came across an article that Tonic Water contains ďQuinineĒ, its unsafe and not recommended to take during pregnancy.

    I am going crazy here, I have been avoiding so many things (soda, sugars and so on). I really want to have a healthy pregnancyÖ. I only had a glass, less the 5 oz. maybe less with all the ice and while I was searching the web and when I read the articles. But still I feel so bad and worried now for drinking it.

    Am I over reacting, is the amount not harmful?? Does anyone know any different?? How about Sparkling Water??

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    Now I am freaking out. Obviously I am not drinking but when we do go out I drink tonic water and lime. So I have definitley had more than 5 oz too. Im going to look it up.

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    Papaya is fine! Not sure about the tonic water.

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    I found this.keep in mind they are talking about doses for malaria prevention, not the small amounts found in tonic water. and uterine stimulation would mean contractions, so of it is on the pay all is well and there is nothing to worry about. Just switch to seltzer on the future.
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    I talked to a friend today, she’s a nurse… She said the same thing, that Quinine in “high” doses is harmful during pregnancy. But that the amount in Tonic Water should not be problem.
    She also said to be careful with Papaya; unripe papaya contains a latex substance that triggers uterine contractions and may cause a miscarriage or early onset of labor.
    But just to be sure talk to my DR and verify about the Tonic Water and the Papaya Enzymes since it’s not the unripe fruit. She also mentioned that Papaya Enzymes is recommended for patients that have surgery (before and after) because it helps with the healing process with the scars, plus with the digestive system.

    I guess, just to be on the safe side I’m staying clear of them both.
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