Hi ladies - haven't been on here in a while, but here's a break-down of my cycles since PP w/ my DS2.
Cycle returned last July and has been consistantly right around 27-28 days. Periods however are unusually long from 7-9 days. The first few days are usually faint spotting to nothing at all, then a couple days heavy, to tapering again to being done. My initial symptoms are usually a headache the night before, cramping on and off the first few days, bad cramping on the heavy days, and then no cramping. Sometimes i break out sometimes I don't.

We started TTC this cycle. I ovulated (according to an ovulation stick) on day 14/15. I had other symptoms leading up to that day to indicate ovulation as well (CM, Cervical height, etc...just am really lazy with temps). We were busy trying all around that time, so I'm not anxious about missing the window by any means...

On days 19 & 20 of my cycle I had light spotting when I would go to the bathroom, nothing on my underwear ever though. I did have my woman's exam on day 19 and my care provider removed a polyp from my cervix. The spotting had begun prior to the appt however.

Now here we are on day 22 of my cycle, my period isn't supposed to start for another 5 days (and it has been like clockwork consistantly 27 days) and I began cramping pretty uncomfortably last night (enough to wake me up...which isn't typical of my menstrual cramping). This morning when i went to the bathroom I had bright red spotting (again, not typical of menstrual flow as I always start with the dark red/brown streaky spotting), and every time I've gone to the bathroomt today I've had a fair amount of red spotting (but hardly anything on the pantiliner).

Other wonky symptoms: last night i had a horrible headache (which I chalked up to possibly getting the cold my husband currently has) as well as nausea in the afternoon (that went away later in the day after some activity and food). I've been exremely emotional today...granted, I get crabby around my period but rarely teary. I feel on the verge of tears or biting someone's head off all day today. I also had acne the last couple days which hasn't been an issue at all the last couple of cycles.

I have had late periods in my lifetime, I've had shorter periods, etc. Never have I had an early period. With my first DS I found out I was pregnant 4 days after my MP after a night of experiencing what I thought for sure was my period starting (no spotting, but headache, etc). With my second DS I found out I was pregnant the day of my expected period, after not having any of the usualy PMS.

So...part of me feels like I'm having an early miscarriage since it is too early to test to see if I'm actually pregnant and the flow is so different from my normal periods.

At the same time, I know spotting/cramping, other PMS symptoms aren't unusual to early pregnancy, but having never experience that, i don't know how to guage it. And...it is still to early to test to get a truly accurate result.

I'll admit I did use one of the First Response 6 Days early tests this morning (before i noticed the spotting) and it was negative. So...inconclusive. The same as if I had waited to test with a normal test. Should i just wait out these symptoms and test again with one of those early tests thursday or friday?

What do you say ladies?