Hi ladies! Thought I'd start a thread for those of us in the 2ww that will be testing in Feb

So who's obsessing already ?

I have one odd-ball "symptom" that's encouraging...spit ...for whatever reason I have a lot of saliva during ovulation and through my first tri of pg. It must have something to do with rising hormone levels but it started the same day my ewcm did and has been consistent since then. Usually, it goes away right after o but it's sticking around...lol, I'm taking it as a good sign

Nothing other than that. My progesterone was a doozie last night...burns a bit...always does the first few times.

Anyone doing anything particular to keep busy? I have *no* plans and the weather is blah so I'm going to have to think of something or this is going to be a reeeeeally long 2ww

How are you ladies doing?