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Thread: Finalizing next week!!!

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    Default Finalizing next week!!!

    I'm sooooo excited!!!! We just got word that the judge waived our 6 month waiting period and we will finalize on the 7th!!!!! Can't wait!!! Any ideas on what it will be like or how to celebrate? Think I'm going to order Chloe an adoption shirt.

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    Great news! I would definitely celebrate!
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    That is great news! Congratulations!!!! I would want to have a party I think....cake, some family and friends.

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    SO happy for you!

    Our finalization was in a teensy room in the courthouse with friends/family (we crammed 22ppl in that little room...not including the judge, steno, and bailiff LOL!). The whole process took about bff and her son video-recorded it and took pics (she's a professional photographer). We came back home afterwards where more friends/family were waiting and celebrated with pizza . It was like a big b-day party and Devin loved it (he was 2.5) ! He even got presents and we got cards which I hadn't expected at all.

    Every year we celebrate his adoption day with take out pizza (his favorite).

    I can't tell you how thrilled I am for you! There's nothing quite like finalization...such a huge load is lifted the moment they become legally yours. All the fears, cares, and worries of months (maybe even years!) melt away . I cried and cried that night, lol was such a relief!


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    YAY! So exciting!! When we finalized we had cake and went out to Andrew's favorite place to eat. We do the same thing every year and we give gifts to him!!


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    Hooray! We had family and a few friends over to celebrate it was a great day! Hope you have an amazing time! Congrats on the great news!


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    I haven't done the adoption process but, If I were celebrating something awesome like that I'd take her to Chuck E Cheese if you have one in town. Congrats to you!!!

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    So excited for you! My family did a gathering with family & close friends, like a baby shower. Mt MIL takes family close friends out to dinner and has everyone help decorate a platter or something from the paint-a-dream type place.
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    Yay! Congratulations! That's so close! I'd probably have a family and friend get together as well. If we get to adopt this little one, I'm sure we'll do something like that. So happy for you!
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    Fabulous news!!! I am so happy for the three of you

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    Thanks for the ideas! We're having brunch after court. That evening we'll go to Chuck E Cheese. I ordered a cake in the shape of a Z (for our last name) with each of our favorite colors in it and it says Welcome Chloe. I had custom m&ms made. I ordered her a shirt that says worth the wait and a travel pillow with her name (first and new middle). Ordered dh a tie clip with her initials and the date. We also got a gift to send the birth mom and for my BFF that orchestrated the adoption!

    Here's her pillow! I love it!

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    Sounds like you are ready! Whenever I read about someone finalizing it makes me tear up and think about ours. Even though she's already yours in your heart it's awesome to have it be 'official'. Can't wait to hear about your celebration!


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