So DH had his ultrasound today and the aspirated ejaculate. There was no indication at all of any sperm. We have decided to go ahead on the very slim chance that they will find that he does in fact make sperm. The doctor is NOT hopeful at this point, and feels that there is a good chance that my DH does not make sperm. I have called my OB to see if she will refer me to a reproductive endrocrinologist so that we can proceed on.

We found out this news just a few hours ago, and we have not had a chance to really discuss this, but I am hopeful that he is willing to do the sperm donation route. I do not get off of work until late tonight, I have a funeral to go to tomorrow if the weather permits, and I work afterwards. My next day off that we can really talk is Friday, which is the day we will hopefully find out when the surgery is scheduled.

I am not really supposed to take off work at all until May because we are attempting to go to computer charting, but I will take off the day he has surgery, and depending on when my appointment is with the endocrinologist, I will possibly take that day off as well.

I so hope that next month goes better, because this month has not been very easy. And to top things off, Thursday is DH's 27th birthday. I hope he is taking this ok, because we really haven't had a chance to really talk yet.