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Thread: So very confused...please help

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    Default So very confused...please help

    Okay so i just got done with what thought was my period on sunday which was roughly three days and took an opk today and it was positive so then tonight i took an hpt and it cam back positive two hours later i took another hot and it was negative Anybody else have this happen? Really confused I'm gonna test again in the morning to see what I get then thanks for your input!! I just took two pregnancy tests this morning one digital and one rapid response first response(it tells you in one minute) the digital was positive but the other was negative! What is going on? Help please !!!

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    Bump please help

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    How many dpo are you?
    Either way, if the digital hpt test was positive I say call your dr and see if they can do a blood test. If you want I wait I say test again tomorrow am- maybe the line just needs more time to show up!

    GL and let us know how it turns out!

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    I would take another with fmu tomorrow! Or I'd call my Dr for a blood test

    Keep us posted!

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    You are pregnant! Congrats! The HCG hormone level is still most likely low which is why you are not consistently getting positive results.
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