Today after visitation as I pulled into my driveway and saw the GAL waiting for me. I was so thrilled to see him, hoping we'd get some answers beforehand. He said not to worry about court and asked how things had been going. He didn't know about her episode last week at visitation and when I told him about it he said "AGAIN?" He said she's done this before with her son and was convinced he wasn't hers. She's still thinking that today but was in a totally different mood, very upbeat and happy acting for her. I really think she's off meds but her appt. Friday was cancelled so we don't know for sure. Anyway, I asked the GAL about the petition and he said the home study hadn't been completed yet and nothing had been sent to him. He said it's the woman that mom is living with. I guess she's mom's step grandfather's ex wife's daughter or something. So definitely not "family". He said that she doesn't really want her, but thought she could help mom with her if they granted the petition. So...if she ever finishes the home study, and she may not, it still isn't likely to happen. The GAL said that mom can't take care of herself so she certainly can't take care of the baby. I guess the lady wants mom to care for the baby and her just help if she needs it.

So for now, baby girl is staying here with us. As far as I understand it, she's likely to stay here for the next 6 months at least unless someone else files or they find the birth father which seems unlikely since we think mom was off meds then anyway and she doesn't know who he is. So the plan will be reunification, but even the GAL said it'd be a miracle if mom could complete her plan after all these years of going through this. He said he hopes she can pull it off but he doubts it. I want to feel sad for mom right now, but knowing she's probably off meds I'm just so glad baby girl is staying here and is safe. Is that wrong? I hope not. I feel like I don't have enough emotion for everything. I'm just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved baby girl will be staying here with us.