Maiya is nearly 2 years and 10 months old. I have never, ever tried to potty train her- I'm letting her set the pace, but do model it and talk about it, so she knows what to do. I'm really in no rush at all.

She, however, has shown interest in it on and off every few months since she was about 16 months old. Back in November / December, I thought she was potty trained, since one day she told me she wanted to wear big girl panties, and did great in them. We had a few days of no accidents at all, but then she decided, on her own, to go back to diapers. Fine by me...

EXCEPT... During that time, she ended up with a bladder infection (which I imagine is WHY she wanted back in diapers, since she couldn't hold it as long). She had been going pee just like me- once in the mornings, once in the late afternoon / evening, and once at night. She did still have a wet diaper after waking (not sure if she pees in her sleep, or after waking but before calling me to go get her). I thought that was fine, since that's pretty much my schedule, too, until she got a bladder infection. All my IRL mommy friends tell me that the bladder infection probably has nothing to do with her infrequent peeing times, but I worry.

Even though she is back in diapers full time (JUST starting to show interest again, though, so I want to address this before hand), she STILL holds it for hours at a time. I mean, we're talking... She pees about 9, but then not again until 4!! That's 7 hours... And she is drinking a good amount. Not as much as she does in summer, but still, she is well hydrated.

She hasn't ended up with another bladder infection yet, but I worry that, if she goes back in big girl panties soon, she will. Because now she SOMETIMES pees in between, when she has a diaper on, but if she decides she wants to go diaper free again, I wouldn't be surprised if she goes 7 hours between peeing every single day.

What do you ladies think? Is 7 hours too long between peeing for a not even 3 year old? If so, do you have any ideas how I can help her to go more often? I'm almost thinking I need to potty train her, I mean actually "make" her do it, just so I can "make" her pee more often. I know other moms can do it- I mean actually, really, potty train the kids, not just wait for the kid to do it on their own- so I'm guessing we could, too. I just really didn't want to do that. It sounds like a lot of work, haha, and I feel like it's better and healthier for her to learn on her own. Unless she makes herself sick!! If 7 hours is not too long, do you think it's just a coincidence that the ONLY bladder infection she's ever had in her entire life happened when she was going that long every single day?