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    I went for my baseline ultrasound last Thursday (looked great) and am on my 5th day of Letrozole, after having zero luck with 8 months of clomid. On Friday we go for our second ultrasound to check follies, followed by an HCG shot that night if all looks good, and then IUI on Sunday. The first two weeks seems to move so much quicker when you're entrenched in doctor's visits. Hopefully the second two weeks will also move quickly, along with a BFP. The sonographer said that she usually sees success within three months of treatment with the course we're taking. However, she says that my likelihood is greater since I conceived my first daughter after 3 months of trying and my second daughter the first month. Hopefully she's right. I told her and the doctor that I really believe that my issues stem from --tmi warning-- being dry. I have been so flipping dry since my last pregnancy, and before I would have the stretchy mucus all the time, even in my panties. She said that if that really is the issue, then IUI should help, as it bypasses all of that. I'm really, really, really hoping this works, as my husband is already stepping outside of his comfort zone and is adamantly against IVF. Prayers, positive stories and well wishes are more than welcome.
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