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    I had my RE appt today. It's the first time since I've seen her since having DS with the exception of getting a second opinion regarding our miscarriage last fall. She did an ultrasound and said that I have a 15mm follie on the right ovary, but couldn't guarantee that I would ovulate from it. I'm also having tons of EWCM right now. Her recommendation was to start taking the prometrium tonight to induce AF and start a new cycle with Clomid and IUI. I'm sooo tempted to go for it knowing there is the possibility of O soon, but I'm already 40+ days into this cycle, and last time I O'd that late, it ended up in a miscarriage (trisomy 22).

    What would you do?
    Jen (34), DH (36), DS (3), Baby #2 EDD 10/21/14

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    This was a non-medicated cycle, right? If so, I would totally go for the prometrium and get started ASAP on a medicated cycle.

    The only time I was able to conceive on a non-medicated cycle, I miscarried. I didn't O that late in my cycle, and I don't know why I miscarried, but it has competely terrified me, and I don't even WANT to get pregnant non-medicated again. So... take my opinion with a grain of salt!

    But even without that worry, I would still want to get on with the next cycle. I would imagine you have higher chances of it working medicated than not medicated, so I'd go with that.

    Best of luck and baby dust!!

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    My miscarriage last fall was from a late O (around CD41). The baby ended up being Trisomy 22, and my RE and OB said it was likely a fluke due a bad egg. I started the prometrium last night mostly because I'm 90% sure I now have a UTI that needs to be treated. I'd rather get everything taken care of and start from the beginning now.
    Jen (34), DH (36), DS (3), Baby #2 EDD 10/21/14

    Lost a loved baby 9/2012

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    As long as you feel good about what you are doing, then you are doing the right thing. I think that you and your body (with the help of your MD) know what is best for you. Good luck!

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    I would start the prometrium. Good luck!
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