I take mononessa as my birth control. I have been on it for a few years and it has obviously been effective so far. My question is... out of nowhere last month I started bleeding... and it lasted for about two weeks before my pack of birth control ended... and lasted about three days into my placebo pills. It's not unusual for me to have breakthrough bleeding... but that usually happens when I miss a pill or two. But I have been taking my pills every day like I should, when last month's bleeding happened. It's been almost a month since then and tomorrow is my last active birth control pill day. I have not been bleeding irregularly this month. I have actually been having other symptoms that make me fear my birth control may have failed me and I may be pregnant. I have had stomach issues (constipation) and random bouts of nausea. I also (and this is totally tmi) had sex with my boyfriend the other morning and discovered some crazy milky white discharge coming from my body. And a lot of it. I don't know if this is a sign of pregnancy or not... but this is very unusual for me. I don't FEEL that I am pregnant... but something just doesn't seem right. Any opinions on this?