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Thread: Self Weaning at 9 months?

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    Default Self Weaning at 9 months?

    I think DD2 might be self-weaning at 9 months, is that possible? DD1 did but she was just past 12 months so it was good timing (I only wanted to BF to 12 months anyway).

    Just this week she went from 6-7 nursing sessions a day to 4, but she's eating a lot more table food (she hates baby food now) so I figured that's what it was. Today she nursed 3 times and then when I tried to nurse her around dinner, she just bit me. So I yelped (that's how I got DD1 to stop biting) and told her no. She got all upset and started crying (and I didn't even yell, just said it firmly!). I made her take a break for a few minutes then tried nursing her again - she was hard to get to latch on and then she just bit me again. She did this a third time before I just gave up and figured she wasn't hungry. Then when we got home tonight (we were at MILs for dinner) I did our usual bedtime routine and when I tried nursing her she bit me right off the bat and then refused to latch on again. Every time I tried to offer her the boob, she just clamped her mouth shut and turned her head. By this time it had been 7 hours since she'd nursed (but she'd eaten table food since then of course) so I warmed a bottle of frozen BM and she DOWNED it and fell asleep. I feel like this is just how DD1 acted when she self weaned.

    What do you guys think? Self weaning or just upset about getting scolded for biting me?? I'm interested to see what she does in the morning but could use some advice.

    Should say here too - i LOVE EBFing my children but I choose to only do so until 12 months - and if she's done, then we will be done - I'm not going to offer it every single day for the next 3 months if she doesn't want it anymore...but I will offer it for the next few days at least and continue to pump - hoping we can avoid formula until 12 months either way.

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    Sounds like a nursing strike. Sometimes they do that. They go through an independent period where they nurse less, but I bet she'll be back to nursing in no time. Keep offering for at least 2 weeks.
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    My first started to wean herself around that age and the first nursing session that she dropped in a hurry was the one right before bed. As long as she is nursing still at other times, I wouldn't sweat her dropping that one. As for downing the bottle, are you sure that she wasn't just swallowing it because all bottles drip into the mouth? And swallowing causes a pull that will make more milk come out. As in she was just kind of sucking to fall asleep?

    My first was also and still isn't a cuddly child at all. So she only ever nursed when she was hungry and finished as quick as she could and would turn away.

    My second, however, didn't want to nurse again after he had bit me and I yelped in surprise/pain. For the next several times he would have eaten he would cry as I tried to get him to latch on. Eventually I guess his hunger won out and he went back to nursing.
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    There is a huge developmental growth spurt around 9-10 months that causes nursing strikes and lots of women mistake for early weaning. I would keep offering and keep pumping. I think she will nurse again.

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    Thanks ladies.

    Must have been a nursing strike because she's back to normal now, thank God. I didn't want to have her give it up this early!
    Good to know about the developmental growth spurt - because she's been totally "off" the past few days - really clingy, tearful, not her usual happy self. She's also getting a third tooth on the bottom (no top yet!?) so I think that one is really bugging her!

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