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Thread: Pregnant or just a little nuts?

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    Hi, this is my first time posting so please bear with me.

    So, my husband and I chatted over Christmas and decided that we would try for a family in 2013... I am more than a bit lackadaisical about knowing when I ovulated and even when the painters are next due... However, I do no for certain that my cycle is on the short side and tends to be 23-26 days at most.

    So we tried in January and by my reckoning the painters are due by next Thursday at the latest. Here's where the HOWEVER comes in...

    Normally, I don't get all that many PMS type symptoms- only sore boobs when the cat stands on them and some serious crankiness directed at certain people. However, in the last week to 10 days I have experienced a plethora of unusual things. I have had bouts of serious nausea (less now), bleeding gums (stopped two days ago), lower abdominal pain where I imagine my right ovary is (I actually thought I might have a UTI at one point), but this only happened on Friday and had lessened dramatically by the time I got home from work, I fancy that the girls are a tiny bit larger and are defintely more tender, until yesterday I felt hot (I am normally cold), but today I am back to my usual cold self and to top it all of I seem to be developing a bit of a goatee (not a good look).

    Am I pregnant or just a little nuts? I've been googling these symptoms and some places suggest that I might be pregnant, but other places say that some of these things are definitely not symptoms of early pregnancy.... I did a test on Thursday because I am not the most patient person in the world and to say it was completely negative is an understatement. However, I do accept that it might have been a little early...

    Please help!

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    As someone who spent a long time trying to conceive, I can tell you that this is the hardest part of trying--the waiting. PMS symptoms mimic early pregnancy symptoms, and your mind can play a million tricks on you. There's really no sure way of telling until your cycle is due or late. You may want to join the TTC room. There's lots of women there dealing with the waiting and trying, and they will share the wait and lots of information and tips with you.
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