DD has been going to a montessori from 2yrs old. It is a small privately run school with only 10 kids per age grp(2-3, 3-4 and 4-5) and 2 teachers for each classroom..
They did an excellent job abt helping out with potty training etc for DD. and DD has learnt a lot since starting from there..

They are preparing the kids for the trainsition to the 3 yr old classroom.. where the requirement is to be able to hold the pencil so they can write alphabets and small 3 letter words in the 3yr old classroom...The teacher says that DD is very interlligent and has good memory but she does not like any actviity which involves holding the pencil like coloring, drawing lines etc and at that time her focus is so bad she looks here and there or says NO to the teacher..

I work with her at home and notice the same thing she doesnt want to do coloring or drawing lines , shapes etc but she will sit for hrs to do puzzles, read books or play any other toy etc.

The teacher feels her hands r weak and bcoz of that she is not showing interest.

How do I get her to focus more during coloring, writing etc at home so it will help in school as well..I bought her some fun kumon tracing books for 2yr olds...

ANy suggestions?