Been trying to conceive for a year and a half. I heard of soy isoflavones and decided to take last two cycles have been 74 and 76 days long but sometimes go 100+cd. I was in the middle of my cycle when I heard about soy iso and was to impatient to wait another month or so for AF to come and decided to take it cd 35-39. 15 days after last dose of soy and started spotting brown mucus,mainly when I wipe. I wear pantyliner just incase and have had brown spots on it. Its been 6 days of brown spotting, I have not had spots today nor when I wipe so far. I don't know if I should consider that my period and start new cycle of soy iso. I did not ovulate this. Cycle and figured I wouldn't because I took it far into the cycle. I don't want to miss out on this cycle if that brown spotting is consideed a menturation. Has anyone had a similar situation while taking soy and getting brown spotting as period. Also I have had no activiy in my pelvic region, no cramps or nothing!. All insight would be appreciated. Thanks and baby dust to all!