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    I posted about DD2 earlier this week wondering if she "got the flu from the flu shot". She got the flu shot last Thurs (9 days ago). She only left the house once on Sunday to go out to dinner with my inlaws for a few hours. She has been home ever since and all week (a looooong week). Monday she was feverish and burning hot overnight. It broke and Tues she had a low grade fever (like 101). Wed & Thurs were fever free but I kept her home from school just to be sure. Her congestion started getting worse by Thurs and she was mopey and cranky. Friday she was simply miserable - stuff, runny, coughing and fever again! Friday night she was burning up again and totally miserable. Despite being so ill she slept relatively well with little coughing overnight. Today (Saturday) I was totally prepared to bring her back to the doctor fearing she had an upper resp infection or the actual flu. Well her fever is gone this morning. She is in decent spirits - eating & drinking but still has the stuffiness and cough. She doesn't even cough all that much....

    WWYD? Would you take her back to the doc? I really don't want to because when I was there with DD1 getting her flu shot (on Monday) it was PACKED and we had to wait an hour. People were waiting in the hallways! I was convinced that we were there for a flu shot and would leave with the flu....

    Our doc is closed tomorrow or else I would most definitely wait and see. I could take her to a walk in clinic tomorrow if need be but it's not a pediatric and I would be more comfortable with her regular doc. I have taken her to this walk in before and was satisfied with them - they actually were able to give her a chest xray which the pedi would not (if they suspected pneumonia).

    Would you take her or wait? (I am leaning towards waiting but wanted to hear what others would do). Thanks

    ETA: She will be 4 at the end of Feb. Anyone do OTC cough meds or decongestants? What do you use?
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