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    Default Insurance question - switching near due date

    A little background - DH was laid off from his job in November and we were under his insurance, so we switched to mine. Thankfully, he just got a new job but his insurance coverage doesn't start until 4/1 (I'm due March 29th). We will be switching to his new insurance at that time because I don't plan to return to work after the baby comes.

    My question is - does anyone know how the coverage is handled for the hospital delivery if I am there when the insurance changes? That is, if I am admitted at the end of March and discharged in April? Does it make a difference if the baby is actually born in March, but I am still in the hospital in April (or the other way around - admitted March 31, but baby not born until April)? Will everything be covered under the first plan if that is what I am admitted under, or will the charges/claims be split by the month in which they actually occur? Will I have to meet both deductibles for the one delivery?

    Of course, it will be much simpler if the little boy just holds out until April, or comes a few days early so I'm discharged before the end of March, but I just want to be prepared if insurance could be a mess, or if we'll have to pay a lot more out of pocket due to the switch.

    Thanks for any advice!

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