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Thread: Does this sound like an 'oops'? or just a crazy cycle?

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    Default Does this sound like an 'oops'? or just a crazy cycle?

    Let me start by saying that I am not TTC, that I just trackmy cycles to avoid pregnancy.

    Normally I have very regular cycles lasting 31-32 days and OV around day 18 (I'm one of those people who gets ov cramps and is very easy for me to tell).

    Last period was confusing as it may have come about 3 days early- didn't pay much attention because sometimes I'll spot for a day or so before it starts, but it lasted til the normal end date.*

    Even if my period came early, and ovulation came early, BFs sperm wouldve had to survive almost 6 days to be around for ov- he is an older man so I've always figured that isn't likely for his sperm.

    On the day I would ovulate on a regular cycle I did have lots of eggwhite but I also had some bad cramping and bright blood mixed with the eggwhite for a day (enough to require a tampon) then it tapered off over the next day. Cramps were on and off and random.

    All was fine, then a couple days later I had light bleeding/spotting again for maybe 2 days & sore breasts. I also got a craving for tomatoes (which I can understand from bleeding since they have iron in them). Cople days after than I had pretty extreme fatigue- I slept through an entire day, was awake the next normally, slept an entire day again. Following all of that, I had a crazyhigh sex drive for 2 days.

    My 'period' started about 3 days ago and has been uncharacteristically really light. I can wear a tampon all day and 3/4ths of it will be dry when I take it out. I don't even need a tampon really but have used them in anticipation of my usually heavy flow. It's mostly really dark but has bit of bright red. About two days before it started I had really sore boobs for a day and nothing since.

    I cant say I feel pregnant, I don't feel like I'm on my period either.

    Does this sound like an 'oops' or just a cycle gone crazy?
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