What do you do?

Just let them lay in bed and play happily, but in the dark with just white noise?

Medicate them (melatonin for us)?

Or get them back up and try again later?

Maiya's not a good sleeper, but does better for hubby than for me. However, I put her to bed tonight. For a while, when I put her to bed, she just had to cry herself to sleep because she will NOT sleep for me.

It seems as though she still won't sleep for me... But she's not crying. It's been over an hour and she's perfectly happy, laying down, staying in bed, fidgeting a little but not rolling around, not even playing, just occassionally singing to herself.

I am SO torn. I don't want to just let her lay there because I worry it's causing bad habits- I'm an insomniac, and my doctors always tell me to NEVER lay in bed awake, that it just teaches me to lay in bed awake. I don't want to start bad habits in my 2 year old!

But I also don't like jumping to melatonin, that's emergencies only... I don't want my 2 year old dependent on sleep aids, either!

But I don't want to get her back up, either, because that could cause bad habits, plus sleep begets sleep, and if I get her up, she will be awake far too late, and then be over tired tomorrow, and then sleep even worse... And it's just a downward spiral.

Oh, what to do, what to do...