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Thread: Pumping while working... now he needs even more... advice?

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    Default Pumping while working... now he needs even more... advice?

    I've been pumping for my 4 month old while at work and nursing when I get home. Everything's been great but now his nanny says he seems hungry after his bottles. He was taking 4oz each feeding, every 2 or 3 hours. I pump every 2 hours at work and usually get between 2-4 oz each time. I don't have a freezer stash. I filled his bottles with 5 oz today, a mix of freshly pumped and the little frozen I had.

    I'm so scared I won't be able to pump enough for him! What would you do in this situation? Should I try to pump more frequently? Should I start to think about formula?? I really don't want to do formula, but I'm not gonna let him starve.

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    2 great threads that you may want to check out to get some tips on how to continue to bf your baby without needing formula

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    Pump first thing in the morning!
    You could try power pumping and supplements like fenugreek.

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    I had to use fenugreek. My body never responded well to a pump (much more poorly with my second but I never worked while nursing him) so I was short every single day without the fenugreek. Also since my DD slept very well and was down for 12 - 13 hours starting around 6:30 pm I'd pump before I went to bed, too.
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