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Thread: fever for a few hours?

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    Default fever for a few hours?

    A few times in the past 2 months, DS has woken from a nap feeling ill with a fever. So from abut 3 pm until 8 pm, he is awake, feverish, no appetite. We skip bath and get right to bed. Then, he wakes up in the morning as if nothing happened. He has his appetite, normal energy, etc. Is this normal to just get sick for like 5 hours at a time and recover overnight?

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    To me it sounds like a virus that he's able to quickly fight off. Yay for fevers doing their job!!!

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    agree with pp. ds did that about a month ago... fever for about 4-5 hours, went to bed and was totally fine the next day! just keep an eye out for it to happen again... and if it does start to happen often then give the pedi a call.

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    thanks. I never heard of a fever just lasting a few hours, but glad that it might mean it's just his body fighting something off! THis last time, it was right after I got a nasty stomach bug. worst of my life. He then got a fever for a only a few hours, and I was ready for a full-out illness.

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