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    I have PCOS which can and has been throwing kinks into my plans. However, after having my gallbladder removed I lost around 25 -30 lbs,in about a 2 month period, Yay! Now My last period was Dec 10. No activity all of Dec, and I missed my period at the start of this month. Which it's been a 6+ months of regular periods. However, I started to bleed very lightly... very very lightly. It lasted a few hours maybe. and then I had very fertile discharge (clear stringy almost like a egg white). So, I thought what they hey we will give it a go. My mother told me she always bled a little around her ovulation time when she has us. Having PCOS I never know when I will be fertile or not. So, a couple days after our activity, I had some light crampy feelings. I thought ok I am going to start. However, nothing at all. About a week later my breast hurt like never before... and my nipples were insanely sensitive. I swear it felt like carpet burns on them. I also was so tired, and a little hungrier then normal. Then they swelled and got heavier. Now 2 weeks later things have kinda settled a bit. Nipples still very sore/ sensitive and boobs are heavy, but its def better then what it was a week ago. Now however I have started having tension headaches, which result is slight nausea. I also started watching my sugar, and it's high but no higher than what it was before. I still think it maybe to early to test. I was just wanting some opinions on whether or not I should be getting excited? Does any of this sound familiar? Now, I know what your going to say call your doctor! Well, at the moment after the loss of my doctor, I am trying to find another decent one.

    I hope I posted in the right thread...I am new

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    If it's been longer than 2wks since you noticed the fertile mucus and intercourse then you should definitely be able to test and get an accurate result !

    !! Keep us posted for sure!

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    Good luck!

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    All of that sounds promising to me!! I would test!! Good luck.

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