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Thread: Protein in Urine + Swelling= 24hr Urine test

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    Thumbs down Protein in Urine + Swelling= 24hr Urine test

    My due date is tomorrow. I had my 40 week appointment today. My BP was high, I'm really swollen, & have gained a lot of weight so they tested my urine: +1 protein. I was sent to L&D for a NST & blood work. My BP went down and was normal by the time I left, baby is fine, and all blood work came back fine. I have to do a 24 hour urine test. We will know more tomorrow after the results come back from the urine collection.

    They are worried, obviously, about pre eclampsia. We are planning a natural birth center birth, but if we have pre e it is a no go.

    My midwife checked my cervix just in case we have to induce. Nothing is happening in there. I am 40 weeks and nothing is happening in there! She said my cervix is a little soft but still long and closed.

    Have any of you dealt with this and NOT had it be pre e? If you had to be induced before anything was happening in the lady nethers, how was that? If you did have pre e, how quickly did they want you induced?

    Thanks for the insight.


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    Just thought I would update in case anyone reads the previous post in the future.

    I have indeed been diagnosed with pre-e and will be induced in a couple of days. As long as we are all healthy.


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    How is your midwife going to go about delivery? were you going to do it in a birth center/ home birth and are you still able to? i would love an update on your labor and delivery... crossing fingers everything goes well

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    Sorry to hear about the pre-e. I hope you still have a great birth and a healthy little one (and mama!). Good luck!

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    Thank you for the well wishes.

    I am no longer able to use the birth center. They do not take high risk. The Dr. from the birthing center will be my Dr. in the hospital. The midwife will no longer be involved. The good news is that this Dr. understands my desire for a natural experience, so she will work with me where she can. I am not looking forward to what I will be enduring if my cervix hasn't progressed by Monday.

    We will be starting with a foley bulb and cervadil and see what happens. If we dilate but don't have regular contractions then it is on to the pitocin. This Dr. will turn the drip off once my body takes over. Hopefully that will be all we need. My midwife said this won't be easy, but we can do it!

    Due to my BP, which was up again today & the high protein they don't want to wait past Monday. They were going to possibly insert a bulb in the office and let me go home Monday and see what happens, but my proteins are too high.

    Hoping for this experience to be as peaceful as possible. No matter what happens, or how we play the game, we still get an awesome prize at the end.


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    Sorry about the pre-e! Prayers for a fast and easy labor and delivery!

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    GL and ELV to you! My first delivery was an induction with cytotec in the hospital, and it went pretty smoothly. My wishes were followed about waiting until I asked for pain meds & not being offered them, and I didn't end up asking for them. They did offer me Ambien, thinking I was going to be laboring through the night and the next day, but it was nbd when I declined. I'm glad I did because my daughter was born 2-3 hours later and I would have been out of it during the big moments! I also was allowed to be upright, move around in labor, eat and drink, etc. through both of my inductions. I still preferred not to be induced during subsequent labors as long as all was well, but I totally believe you can have a positive, peaceful experience in a hospital induction, with or without pain meds, especially with a doctor who is sensitive to your wishes like yours seems to be. Can't wait to hear your story!
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