Adam is almost 11months and I haven't had a pp cycle yet due to bfing. I'm still wtc but today my body did something different which is exciting, lol!! I'm thinking I may be ovulating (lots of ewcm with brownish streaks)! My opk this morning was reeeeally close to + which I know is still a - but it was so close it was iffy! I took a 2nd one this afternoon and it was already getting lighter...wondering if I missed the surge by a few hours...not sure.

Soooo, seeing some spotting was a change...haven't spotted since 3months pp so I'm taking it as a sign of returning fertility . *If* I'm oing and *if* my cycles are regular then I will o next on Feb 28th which was when I had hoped to start ttc...perfect! LOL of course, life isn't a fairytale so I'm not getting my hopes up but I'm excited about the possibility .

The other thing it could be is implantation but I'm doubtful since I had no signs of o and my opks were consistently -. DH and I aren't preventing and we dtd 6 days ago but not since (dh hasn't been feeling well, lol, he's actually been joking that he thinks he might be pg ). I'll probably test Feb 1st but will be expecting bfn.

Anyway, looking forward to moving from wtc to ttc and thinking my body may be warming up for it too .

Just wanted to share, lol, because who else would I tell glad you ladies are here...I know you *get it*