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    To start off, I saw a new doctor yesterday because my OB kept pushing my date back to over two (almost 3) weeks and her office was so dysfunctional. IE: My blood pressure spiked in my fourth month and the nurse kept saying "That's great!!!! Let's keep it like that." My first thought was "You're an idiot." And the doctor didn't even do a full exam when I went in. This new doctor actually examined me, felt where the baby was, found the heartbeat with no trouble, and answered all of my questions.

    First question I have: I have noticed since my visit yesterday that I have been having a lot, and I do mean a lot, of discharge. It's sometimes liquidy, no smell, and when it's not liquidy it's thick and clear. Is that normal at almost 30 weeks?

    Second question: Contractions. I have been having painful Braxton Hicks Contractions for the longest time, and the doctor told me to drink orange juice, followed by a glass of water, two tylenol, and rest. I tried that all morning, and nothing is helping. I did have a scare last Friday - started having regular contractions that started out as being 16 minutes apart to being 10 before I saw someone at the ER. They way they felt - it felt like someone was moving a sharp blade from my lower back to the top of my abdomen; I was in tears and feeling so sick; screaming from being in so much pain. Found out that was from dehydration caused by a virus. They told me to stay hydrated. I have been drinking water like there isn't going to be anymore. I've already called the doctor, but no answer yet. Does anyone have any at home remedies I can try to get these contractions to either slow down or stop hurting?

    Third question: This doctor noticed how high my uterus is. When he was feeling for it yesterday, there was at least 4 inches of empty space between my pelvic bone and the bottom part of the uterus. The tip is so high up that it is actually close to my heart, which explains a lot considering I can't breathe and my chest hurts so bad, especially when she kicks. Is that something to be concerned about?
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    sorry i have no advise but i didnt just want to view without a comment.... i hope you get some answers soon!!!

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    i googled it and im not seeing too too much you can do besides taking a nice warm shower, warm cloth on the belly, some tea, napping,and meditation. sorry your feeling bad

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