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Thread: How did clomid affect your luteal phase?

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    Default How did clomid affect your luteal phase?

    I'm asking because I feel like this is the most normal cycle/LP I've had in over a year. 8dpo and no sign of spotting, and an increase in (tmi) creamy cm, if that means anything. So regardless of whether or not I I get a positive hpt (trying to not get too hopeful, it is only round 1 of clomid), I feel like we are at least working in the right direction. Finally.

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    Just wanted to wish you good luck this cycle! I hope clomids doing the trick for you!

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    when I took clomid my period started 6 days late. it was a rough cycle. i hope you have a great out come and that if you late its a bfp.

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    I had a longer than usual LP on Clomid as well. Hope you get that BFP!!!

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    I have short LPs and had mid-LP spotting, and Clomid does resolve those issues for me. Well, except the last Clomid cycle I did, that one I only had a 12 day LP, but all the others were 14.

    Hope this is it for you, sounds like a good sign, either way!!

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    Thanks everyone! I'd obviously love a bfp, but if all I get this cycle is no spotting, I will consider that a second place finish for now!

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    Good luck!!
    For me, Clomid always tricked my body and gave me symptoms that are out of the norm for my LP. I had ovary cramping, a little spotting, excessive creamy cm, EXTRA sore boobies, very mild nausea, and SO tired. So, I learned to ignore all those signs until either I tested or AF came. It's frustrating! fingers are crossed for a BFP for you!
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