I want to have as natural as a birth as possible...but in a hospital! I am not worried about nurses/doctors interfering with the bigger issues (like, saying no to induction/epi/offers of pitocin, ect, as I'm pretty confident in stating my wishes regarding those things) I'm more worried about the little things that I dont want to have happen, like, hourly vaginal exams, constant EFM monitoring, birth position (I refuse to birth on my back again!)...not wearing a hospital gown... being extra gentle with the baby when it first comes out, basically, I don't really want the nurses help if I dont absolutely need it...If you've resisted any of the smaller 'routine' tasks from the nursing staff, where they generally accommodating? What was your experience like??

I am curious about actual hospital policies too, I am going to ask my doctor about our hospital..

Also! If you had a home birth, what do you do if your group B strep positive?? I was positive with my first and had to be on IV during my entire labour.. (it ripped out of my arm twice which was a major pain!) I have yet to be tested with this pregnancy, I really dont want to have any IV if I dont need to..

Also, home birth, who stitched you up if you had a bad tear?

Thanks ladies!!