On Wednesday January 16th I found out I’m pregnant.

On Friday January 18th I went to my first “preg” appointment with my OBGYN. She did a u/s and saw fluid (from a cyst rupture) under my left ovary near my uterus. She didn’t see a sac, but told me it was too early to see one. “We know when I ovulated because I had a u/s done as a follow up when the DR saw I was ovulating.” So last Friday was 2 weeks from my O, that makes exactly 2 weeks (approximately) from conception. So it’s way too early to see a sac.
So I was left with the “waiting game” to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I had to get my HCG levels on Monday and repeat today, I go in for another u/s on Friday (hoping) to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

My Progesterone and HCG levels have NEVER been so high, not even with my DS (13 yrs old), with him I was bleeding and have pelvic pain from the very begging I found out I was pregnant.

Last Wednesday my HCG levels where at 119.5, on Monday 740.5 and today 1829.9

I’m NOT bleeding and have NO pelvic pain. I’ve been getting light cramps and a bit of backaches (which I now it could be normal) but nothing I can’t tolerate. My MF and PMS is worst. I am so confused and don’t know what to think.

Does anyone have a similar story or situation?? Can the numbers go up so fast and high with an ectopic pregnancy?? Can I be pain free and no bleeding and have an ectopic pregnancy??