Well today was interesting. After only two hours of sleep due to me being a worry wort and a little baby girl who didn't want to sleep anymore this morning, I took her to the doc for her 2 month wellness check. She got three shots. It was horrible and I cried. I might have cried as much as her. Makes me want to cry when I think about it. Anyway, I talked to her doc some and she verified that baby girl's brother is with his dad. So....they must not have the same dad or he would have taken her. He isn't the one who filed the petition either so we still don't know who that is, but it's not someone who has the child anyway. There is an older child but his father passed away a long time ago and I don't know who he's with so I suppose that's possible but they seem to think that she's lost touch with him completely.

So that encouraged us a little though I'm still worried and still trying to prepare myself for anything. When we got to the visit today, mom acted a little weird and she gave me an envelope. I figured it was from the SW or something and opened it when I got out to my car. It was a letter from mom saying thank you for caring for her child and then after that accusing us of giving her pictures of another child instead of pics of her child. She gave back ALL of the pics we've given her over the last two months which was a lot and the album we gave her. She wanted me to look through the pics, pick out the ones that were not her child, and replace them with ones of her child. She went on to say that she'd had some problems that she thought we may be aware of and getting pics that weren't of her child really bugged her. So...needless to say this freaked me out and I didn't get it at all. I looked at the pics to see if somehow she'd gotten some of another kid in the family mixed in them and was maybe confused but nope...all baby girl and all ones we took.

So...after finally getting ahold of someone at DSS before I went back to pick her up, I find out that she's apparently having a psychotic episode and is convinced that her children aren't her children like they're changelings or something. She thinks that someone is swapping out other people's kids for her kids. So she thinks this about her son too. She thinks his dad isn't his dad and she said she wished his dad would bring him to visits instead of some guy she doesn't know...but it's his dad...so...yeah it was a little weird. It was a lot weird actually. I was concerned of saying the wrong thing if she confronted me about but they told me just to tell her I wasn't waiting to see what was in the envelope for my husband to get off work if she asked. Thankfully she didn't.

When they asked her who told her her kids were getting switched she said "the men". So...voices too maybe? I don't know but to be honest it scared me. I didn't like leaving baby girl with her when she felt so awful already and the environment was so stressful. Mom is getting a psych evaluation tomorrow so I don't know what they'll do. Obviously, off of meds which they say is what always happens. I don't know if visits will be suspended. Seems like a big concern to me but I guess we'll have to see what happens. Yikes sums it up best.