How often would you be willing to take a 2 1/2 year old swimming? Keeping in mind that it's an indoor swimming pool, so the chlorine is pretty strong smelling (the water is average, but it hangs in the air more), and she NEVER goes under water.

I'm trying to get Maiya more comfortable in the water so we can all have more fun when we go to Hawaii in June... So she has 6 months!

This place is great and PERFECT for her, and she loves it and would go every day, and cheap, so I'm thinking about aiming to go 3 times a week (though that will never actually happen, we're too busy!!), at about an hour a time. But then I worry about it drying out her skin or hurting her eyes or irritating her lungs...

And, if you think it's fine to go often, any ideas for countering the effects of all that chlorine? Or do I worry too much?