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    For those of you that have one near you, what is it like? I didn't even know we had one in our area but lo and behold, we do! I received a coupon for 2 introductory classes and think I wi use them but I'm not sure what it's like. I want to do a class that both girls (2 and 3) can do.

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    We LOVE our little gym. They have mommy and me classes until they are 3 and then they go in alone. You can't go alone with both kids. Ours has to have a parent for each. We do the gym only because Piper didn't care for dance. But they do have a gym/dance split class for 3 and above.

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    We were members and in a class for a couple was really great. We stopped going about a year and a half ago. They changed it to a more of a year round thing and made it twice as expensive, just felt like too much of a commitment, since we really only wanted it for the winter time. I'm not sure if that was just our local one or if they did that at every TLG.

    Oh and we were able to have one adult take all 3 kids in.
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    We can buy our membership by the semester but it's actually cheaper to buy a year and pay it up front. All the gyms are individually owned.

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    We used to go when Mira was a baby, but two days after she'd fo, she'd fall sick. It just wasn't worth the trouble.

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    We've been for a few bday parties. They just seem like rooms filled with foam-filled bolsters/bumpers, some small trampolines, mat-covered floors. They're great for toddler parties, but we opted out of joining when asked by some neighbors. Instead, we have a local gymnastics gym that does infant/toddler through adult classes. I think that had we not seen those facilities and experienced their classes/instruction for little ones (via other bday parties), we might have joined the my gym/little gym option. But there is no comparison so were enrolling him at the gymnastics place instead. That may not be an option for OP but you might check to see if there is something more rounded before joining the My Gym type.

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