Morning! I don't think I updated after our home visit. She said everytng went well and Chloe was blessed to be with us. She stopped by a few days later to pick up another letter of recommendation and told dh that she was recommend to the judge that we adopt. So everything is looking good there. Just waiting for a date!

I'm friend's with the birth mom on fb. She wants to see dd and see that everyone is happy. Which I'm fine with - I'd like dd to be able to find her when she's older. Anyway, I also see her posts about her struggle with missing her girls. (She has a baby also who is with the dad - the have different fathers.) it's just hard to see her missing dd. Like this from last night, "I'm going to need NyQuil. The kind just meant to help put you to sleep, not for colds. I avoid thinking too much about Chloe because I can't handle the pain right now, but even the moments before I finally fall asleep are filled with pain, regret, and anger." She also posts about how she did the right thing, but these make me so nervous! She did post this Saturday, "The adoption WILL be final and I wish I could somehow assure her adoptive parents of that, but this pain I feel will never actually go away." I know she's hurting and I wish I could make it better.

I'm rambling, but I can't vent on fb or talk about it in front of dd so you ladies get my jumbled thoughts! If you don't mind, say a quick prayer for birth mom please! Thanks.