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    To Wednesday!! Like, tomorrow...EEK! Finally! Problem is, it's at 6am! And it's an hour south and with us going through snow squalls and accumulation up to 8inches right through where we have to go, I don't know if I will make it to work by 8am. I told my boss I would be a little late but only mentioned about 30mins and I am worried it will be more than that... Other problem... DH comes home from work at 1am, he works 2hrs south and then has to be up at 4am to drive me to the appointment. Gah! I just want this over. Like DH said, it's easier to ask for forgiveness for being late than to ask for another favor. We are also thinking of filling out paperwork for the FLMA to help cover us, not sure how much it will help but it's something.

    Also, he thought maybe I just call in sick tomorrow but I already told them about the appointment so they would know that I had that appointment and know I'm lying. Then again he says to tell them on Thursday that the news was bad and I was too upset...IDK that feels wrong but maybe it would help?
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