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Thread: STC and 1st time in a forum

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    Post STC and 1st time in a forum

    Hi everyone,
    I am 33, my husband is 27 and we have been trying to conceive since we got married 05/2011.
    I have never been in a forum quite like this but have grown emotional drained and needed to talk with someone who may be able to relate.
    Little background: Dx'ed with PCOS on Apr 2012 after AF didn't show for approx 6 months, had HSG and bloodwork which came back WNL.
    AF returned and informed by doc that getting me to ovulate in the future will not be an issue, but hubby had SA that showed oligospermia (twice), he is now due to have testicular biopsy on Friday and I'm scared that our chances of conceiving naturally are slim to none We have prayed about it and know when God sees fit he will bless us with a child ... can anyone relate to such a situation.

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    I can relate to PCOS because I have it, but not familiar with your DH's condition. I just want to offer hugs to you and my finger are crossed for the best possible outcome and that everything will happen smoothly and a baby on its way quickly!
    A lot of women on here know the struggles and this is a great place for support!

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    Welcome! Our situation is "unexplained" so I have no answers, but you will find some great support here.
    Me (40) DH (47) & furbabies * m/c 7/08 4/12 11/12

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    Thanks for the encouraging words and support ... Now I know I am in the right place

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    My infertility is also unexplained... I know the grass is always greener on the other side, but I will say, at least you can treat it!

    My husband, though, also has low sperm count. What are you husband's numbers? We are at about 10 million, which is technically the same diagnosis, but he's never been sent for a biopsy. If it helps, he's had S/As 9 times (at least, I've lost count!), and it's been the same every time. So either your husband's are even lower, or your doctors are cautious! I know MFI can be treated, and if not, there's always donor sperm.

    How do you define "naturally"? Conceived without medical intervention? If so, a little tweaking of that definition will probably help ease your mind a bit! If you just change "naturally" to "getting pregnant by any means necessary", then you have very good chances of that happening!

    All I know is, it worked once for me, but we're at 2+ years for the second. So, even with unexplained female infertility and MFI, we did get one child. I can only hope we'll get a second, too. Which means you can, too!!

    I'm sorry you are are on this journey, but know you are not alone. <hugs>

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