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    Hello I am new to this posting stuff. However I have 3 children two boys and 1 girl. for the month on December I was in the hospital because I was very sick. well on Jan 1 I started my period which came late it was supposed to come on December 28th but didn't show until Jan 1st 2013. I came off of my period on the 7th and my husband and I have been having unprotected sex every single say since. Monday the 14th until Wednesday the 16th I started experiencing period like cramps that started on one side but then would switch to the other side and off and on through out the days. After that my nipples started to become really sore and hurt(tingling sensation) more when any piece of clothing touch them. A few days later I started to experience migraine headaches that came out of no where. I am a lot hungrier than usual. Every smell bothers me and sometimes my husband can't even smell what it is that I am smelling. I am very nauseous all day but never vomiting. My next expected period should be on the 29th but my question is does this sound like I can be pregnant again? How early after conception can you start to feel symptoms? With my boys I never had any symptoms and with my daughter the only symptom that I had was morning sickness. Also I don't even know when I should even test because with my other kids even after a missed period the home test still came up negative because it was still too early. My doctor did a blood test and that s how I found out. Please help

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    With your history, I would test starting when my period was due and keep testing until your period is a week late. After that if you are still getting a BFN and your AF still hasn't started, ask your Dr for a blood test. Good luck!

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    thank you I will start testing on the 29th and will let you know the results

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